About US

Pro-optics was established in 2017 and is a global communication and high-speed interconnection solution integrator. We are fully aware of how critical that the optical systems play in your network security and daily operation. Therefore, we put “Because so much is in your optics” as a company slogan here to remind us how important this career is.

Pro-optics provides optical network products and professional service solutions for telecommunication transmission networks, data centers, access networks, etc., and provides comprehensive optical active and passive products for Internet companies, Telecom operators and equipment manufacturers. The main products are: optical transceivers, active optical fiber, hight speed direct attach copper cable, hight speed connetors, wavelength division multiplexers, PLC splitters, MPO wiring products, ordinary optical fiber jumpers, optical attenuators, couplers, etc.

Core Values

Pro-optics is an fiber communication products leader

Pro-optics is an fiber communication products leader in the provision of fiber Solutions, and is committed to becoming the most trusted partner of its customers in their quest for business innovation and digital transformation.
Mission: Maximize the potential of digital connections and benefit the society
Values: Customer Oriented, Dedication & Integrity, Continuous Innovation, and Incremental Development



March 2023: Launched 800G QSFP-DD Optical Transceivers


October 2022: Launched 400G QSFP-DD Optical Transceivers


July 2021: Launched the silicon photonics module


December 2020: Launched managed industrial Ethernet Switch


2018 years to open up overseas markets


Established in Shenzhen, China

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