100G BiDi QSFP28 Optical Transceivers

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100G BiDi QSFP28

Pro-optics provides data center, 5G and metro telecommunication networks with a series of 100G BiDi QSFP28 pluggable optical transceiver modules based on 50G/100G PAM4 technologies. These modules can cover the interconnection links within 70m to 150m over multimode fiber (MMF) or 10km to 40km over single-mode fiber (SMF).


  • Hot-pluggable QSFP28 form factor transceiver modules

  • Compliant with QSFP28 MSA, IEEE 802.3 and 100G Ethernet specifications

  • 4x 25G NRZ electrical interface

  • Single 100G PAM4 or 2x 50G PAM4 optical interface

  • Data rate up to 106.25GBps

  • 850nm or 910nm VCSEL or 1310nm series EML transmitters and PIN or APD receivers

  • Reach up to 70m/100m/150m over MMF or 10km/20km/40km over SMF

  • Simplex LC or Duplex LC receptacle

  • Low power consumption

  • Built-in digital diagnostic functions

  • Commerical case operating temperature range of 0°C to 70°C

  • 3.3V power supply voltage

  • RoHS compliant (lead free)


  • Data Center

  • 5G Mid/Backhaul

  • Metro Telecommunication

Ordering Information

P/NDescriptionData RateWavelengthDistanceConnectorTemp.
POQP1101-xx100G QSFP28 SR1.22x50G, 100GbE/HDR100850nm/910nm70m (OM3)
100m (OM4)
150m (OM5)
Duplex LCC
POQP1110-23100G QSFP28 BR10-U100GbE1271nm/1331nm10kmSimplex LCC
POQP1110-32100G QSFP28 BR10-D100GbE1331nm/1271nm10kmSimplex LCC
POQP1120-xx100G QSFP28 BR20-U100GbE1291nm/1311nm20kmSimplex LCC
POQP1120-xx100G QSFP28 BR20-D100GbE1311nm/1291nm20kmSimplex LCC
POQP1140-xx100G QSFP28 BR40-U100GbE1304.58nm/1309.14nm40kmSimplex LCC
POQP1140-xx100G QSFP28 BR40-D100GbE1309.14nm/1304.58nm40kmSimplex LCC
POQP1180-A100G QSFP28 bidi 80km100GbELAN-WDM-1~480KMSimplex LCC
POQP1180-B100G QSFP28 bidi 80km100GbELAN-WDM-5~880kmSimplex LCC


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