Product Features

üWavelength Auto-tuning, Remote-Tuning and Remote-DDMI

üSupports 24.33024G, 25.78125 Gbps (with FEC); 9.8304G, 10.1376G, 10.3125 Gbps

üUp to 15 km transmission on single mode fiber

üSFP28 MSA compliant

ü25G electrical interface (OIF CEI-28G-VSR)

ü48 channels (191.4–196.1 THz)

ü100GHz channel spacing

üMaximum power consumption 2.5 W

üLC duplex connector

üOperating case temperature: –20 to +85°C, cold start at –40°C

üSingle 3.3 V power supply

üRoHS 2 compliant


Wavelength Auto-tuning, Remote-Tuning and Remote-DDMI,The module adds low-frequency pilot-tone signals to obtain out-of-band channel. DDMI and Ack/Handshake information carried in the channels simplifies optical-layer management.Based on the out-of-band channel, auto-tuning/ remote-tuning is supported in the front-haul network to implement automatic wavelength distribution. The modules can be plug-and-play without manual intervention.The module can automatically configure wavelength within 180 seconds when the fiber network is configured. DDMI information can also be transmitted from the far-end module to the near-end module through the out-of-band channel.

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25G Tunable

10G Tunable


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