PIS system of rail transit is a system which relies on multimedia network technology, takes computer system as the core, and takes station and on-board display terminal as the media to provide information service for passengers. According to the control function, the subway PIS system is divided into four levels: information source, central broadcast control level, station and train broadcast control level and station and train broadcast equipment; from the structure, it can be divided into five subsystems: control center subsystem, standby control center subsystem, station subsystem, on-board subsystem and network subsystem (wired network and train ground wireless subsystem).

Under normal circumstances, PIS system provides passengers with operation information such as notice to passengers, service time of first and last train, arrival time of train, train schedule, announcement of manager, and public media information such as government announcement, media news, live broadcast of events, advertisement, etc. for coordinated use; in emergency, dynamic auxiliary prompt can be provided based on the principle of priority use of operation information In case of abnormal conditions such as fire, blockage and terrorist attack, dynamic emergency evacuation prompt shall be provided. Make passengers take rail transit safely and conveniently through correct service information guidance. During train operation, on-board equipment shall receive programs from ground operation center in real time and broadcast audio and video on train compartment display screen. At the same time, through the monitoring camera in the car, the monitoring video information is uploaded to the operation center in real time as the support information for the safety decision-making of the management department. Because the train carries out real-time transmission of information in high-speed operation environment, and in order to provide high-quality information services for passengers, PIs requires the train to ensure image quality without mosaic, interruption and other phenomena in high-speed operation, which requires the train ground system to have sufficient bandwidth and ensure the reliable transmission of information between the train and the ground.

Therefore, PIS system is a comprehensive service platform integrating subway operation information service, multimedia real-time information release, radio and television program production and broadcasting, subway television monitoring and subway equipment monitoring. PIs provides all kinds of information for passengers, so that passengers can walk in the subway safely and efficiently, and ensure the efficient and safe operation of the subway system.

System requirements

The system uses the transmission network provided by the communication transmission system. The text and image information are transmitted through IP. The interface type is 1000Mbps Ethernet interface. The network can be divided into logically independent networks through VLAN. >Due to different metro companies, vehicle structure, technical requirements, some of them need to be customized according to relevant requirements >Pro-optics vehicle industry proprietary technology, network redundancy technology to ensure stable and reliable network >Industrial level design to protect against shock, vibration, electromagnetic interference and vehicle power supply instability >Route and NAT to simplify vehicle inbound / outbound communication >IP automatic distribution and network multicast function of terminal equipment >Poe function is convenient for power supply of vehicle related equipment >Full industrial solutions


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