Background & Demand

The particularity of optical transmission network requires that the optical transmission lines and optical transmission equipment must have high reliability. The security of optical transmission network has become the core of operators at all levels.

However, in current networks, problems such as optical fiber damage, line interruption, equipment power down as well as board fault and so on would seriously affect the stability of the transmission network, which causes service interruption to customers, businesses and effects operators ISP putting pressure on technical personnel. Therefore, it is critical to have a strong protection mechanism in place for the network.

Pro-optics’s OLP system can provide real-time monitoring of the primary and secondary optical fibers, which effectively avoid the simultaneous block of the two optical fibers. In the event of a signal loss or low signal level below a threshold value on the main fiber l, the system will automatically switch to the secondary available optical fiber also called backup route, so as to ensure the smooth flow of the service.

Pro-optics’s OLP system includes different protection modes of 1:1, 1+1, BIDI and BP, which can meet requirements of different application scenarios.

(1) OLP 1:1 ( TX is splitter, RX is optical switch)

OLP 1:1 adopts the mode of selective transmitting and selective receiving. The key features are small insertion loss, fast switching and support for monitoring of the secondary line. It can be mainly applicable to the trunk/local transmission network and customers of private lines.

(2) OLP 1+1( TX and RX is optical switch )

OLP1+1 adopts the mode of dual transmitting and selective receiving. The key features are fast switching, low cost, but large insertion loss. It is applicable to short-distance customers with large surplus of the line.


The working mode of BIDI is dual transmitting and selective receiving. Optical line protection is realized by ways of bidirectional transmission over single optical fiber. It is mainly applicable to scenarios when there are limited amount optical fiber resources.

(4) OBP( Protect Device)

OBP is a bypass protection device, which is mainly used to protect cascade device. When there is no optical signal of the device or power down occurs, it will automatically bypass the device, so as to ensure the normal communication. Pro-optics’s OBP device is with the features of small insertion loss and fast switching.

In one words: OLP 1+1 Protect the fiber , and normally use short -middle distance. OLP 1:1 Protect fiber. can use any distance. OLP BI-DI protect fiber. use one fiber application. OBP protect device.


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