The fiber-optic communication had extended the switch equipment of service providers to reach around the boundary of Residential subscriber area and business office region. In order to increase profits, attract new subscriber and retain existing customers, operator and service provider need to deliver new services with rich content such triple ply services, telemedicine, interactive gaming or e-learning which needed high bandwidth data transaction. FTTX is the technical application which can provide a rich kind of services over a single network.

FTTX is a generic term for any network architecture that uses optical fiber which may come in many varieties. Depending on the type of last mail telecommunications : FTTB(Building), FTTC(Curb), FTTH(Home) and FTTN(Node). The importance of FTTX does not only offer the bandwidth of big pipe to make the user rapidly surf the Internet, download the music or video or access the documents stored in the file server of remote site quickly but also transform our daily life with potential benefits as follows:


*Keep informing the most updated news by using the real-time stream media

*Improving the security of personal home or community by video surveillance

*Faster and more secured electrical banking and transaction on line

*Become more involved in personal work environment flexibly by using video conferencing

*Interactive video entertainment in high definition

There is no single FTTX solution can meet all requirements. Operators and service providers must select th unique on to help them generate revenues and then creating the maximum profits based on their service goals.  CTS provides a comprehensive FTTX portfolio including CO site access switch, CPE site which supporting home, SOHO, or Enterprise units to address various levels of customer requirement. FTTX technology is definitely the powerful futureproof solution which will enable the life that we have to conceive of, but that we are certain will become necessities for living well and working well in the decades ahead.
      Pro-optics can offer different passive products and solutions for each customer.


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