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The Pro-optics 56G QSFP+ AOC active optic cables are designed for 4x16G Fibre Channel or 4xFDR InfiniBand links reach up to 100m (OM3) or 150m (OM4) over Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF).

Pro-optics Interconnect Solutions 56 Gb/s Low Power Active Optical Cable assemblies offer a cost-effective, extended reach option for high-speed data center intercon-nects. Using 850 nm VCSEL technology, Pro-optics QSFP+ cable is an assembly of 4 full-duplex lanes, where each lane is capable of transmitting data at rates up to 16Gb/s per direction, providing an aggregated rate of 40Gb/s. The cable is available in a number of standard lengths up to 100 meters.

  • Lowest weight for high port count architectures

  • High-density 56 Gb/s interconnectivity

  • Small bend radius for easy installation and fiber management

  • Low power consumption

  • Based on industry-standard QSFP form factor

  • Utilizes vertically integrated and highly reliable VCSEL technology

  • Includes innovative digital diagnostics


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