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Pen-sized 12G-SDI Fiber Optical Extender

Pen-sized 1 channel forward 12G-SDI Fiber optical extender in pairs, 1310nm, up to 10km on SMF, ST optical connector, with External power adapter Input voltage 100VAC~242VAC,50-60Hz, output DC 5V,Product size 80*17*17mm

Pen-sized 12G-SDI Fiber Optical Extender.pdf


lSupport ST-2082-1 (12G), ST-2081-1 (6G), ST-424 (3G), ST-292 (HD) and ST-259 (SD); compatible with DVB-ASI and AES10 (MADI);

lBoth transmitter and receiver have clock recovery function; (clock restorer can reduce high frequency jitter and completely regenerate data with pure low jitter clock);

lThe clock restorer is locked to 11.88Gbps, 5.94Gbps, 2.97Gbps, 1.485Gbps or 1.001 frequency division sub rate and SMPTE rate of 270Mbps;

lSignal input has automatic cable equalization (EQ) function, output has drive (CD) function;

lSingle/multi-mode compatibility, multi-mode transmission distance 550M, single mode transmission distance 10KM

lSupport status light display;

lPlug and play, no setting required;


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