Graphical (NetRiver), browser (WEB) and other management interfaces, standalone version based on C/S architecture

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NMS Card

NMU network management card is a network management function module specially designed for OLS Chassis. It can comprehensively realize the comprehensive management of series full-line communication products. NMU network management card uses high-speed ARM processor, which can provide powerful data processing capabilities, provide graphical (NetRiver), browser (WEB) and other management interfaces for devices, and provides server version (server and client) and standalone version based on C/S architecture. It is suitable for network deployment of various scales, and can build suitable network management solutions for network management operators and enterprise users at all levels.

  • Supporting hot swapping, Failure does not affect the normal operation of service boards.

  • Supporting local and remote online upgrades without affecting the normal operation of service boards. . 

  • Supporting SNMP-based unified network management platform, network management mode WEB, NetRiver (graphical interface). 

  • Supporting in-band and out-band cascading network management and providing three SFP optical ports, two RJ45 electrical ports and one Console serial port. 

  • Providing powerful multi-level network topology management function to realize fast and automatic discovery of network topology and generate visual and vivid display graphics.

  • Following the TMN specification to implement functions such as device management, monitoring and deployment, software upgrade management, configuration file management, alarm and performance management, and implement network management from device level to network level.


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