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10G SFP+ to SFP+ Fiber to Fiber Media Converter

10G SFP+ to SFP+ fiber to fiber converter is a fiber-to-fiber type 10Gbps device that acts not only as fiber optic media converter or as a fiber optic repeater for long-haul transmission, but is an all in one solution to get 10GE fiber network to be Re-Amplificated, Re-Shaped and Re-Timed. 3R Repeater / Extender / Media converter for all your 10G fiber network mode & wavelength conversion needs.

This is a standalone media converter card kit, which includes the  media converter card and enclosure. This is a 10G OEO converter (3R Repeater) with 2 open SFP+ slots. It provides a connection between fiber to fiber 10Gbps ethernet equipment, and functions as a fiber mode converter, or as a fiber repeater for long distance transmission. The open SFPP port slots allow users to customize between the SR, LR, CWDM, DWDM, bidirectional, or etc. connections. This can be used in telecommunication rooms, R&D laboratory, data center, or other network uses. This standalone media converter can also be used (without the enclosure) and housed in one of our rack systems for plug and play mount support. Our media converters and network interface cards are 100% compliant for all of our networking needs. Now you have a cost effective solution to your network upgrade needs.

Technical Specification
Compatible OEMIndustry Standard
Connector TypesSFP+ & SFP+
Connector1 Number of Ports1
Connector2 Number of Ports2
Data Rate10Gbs
Media Conversion TypeAny To Any
Media TypeMMF or SMF
Power Supply110-220V AC Power Cable
TypeMedia Converter Card

♦ Jumbo frames support
♦ Transparent signal transmission and low latency
♦ The rate supports 8.5Gbps~11.7Gbps or also 1.25G (selectable by dip switch)
♦ Supports OEO 3R functions: signal amplification and regeneration, waveform shaping, clock retiming
♦ Easy installation – Plug & Play
♦ Wide Range Protocol Support:
    8.5G Fiber Channel SONET OC-192, SDH STM-64 (9.95Gbps)
   10G WAN (10Gbps) 10G LAN (10.31Gbps) OTN OTU-2 (G.709) (10.70Gbps)
   10G LAN with 255/237 FEC coding (11.09Gbps)
   10G Fiber Channel (11.32Gbps) 10G POS


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