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DWDM EDFA amplifier card is used for the long-distance transmission system of digital optical fiber communication with dispersion devices. The core device uses a high reliability Pump laser, and adopts a unique APC (automatic power control) and ATC (automatic temperature control) circuit, which makes the output power stable and reliable. Professional design of GFF (gain flattening filter), with excellent optical path design, flatness and noise are optimized optimally.

  • Supporting C-band DWDM system optical amplification. 

  • Supporting optional OSC signal input amplification.

  • Supporting maximum saturated and output power +23dB, and the minimum input power -35dB. 

  • Supporting power amplification, line amplification (secondary optical amplification), and pre-amplification. 

  • Supporting SNMP-based unified network management platform, network management mode CLI, WEB, NetRiver (graphical interface). 

  • Monitoring: pump drive current, pump output power, pump switch, pump temperature, input optical power, output optical power, module temperature.

  • Supporting to set pump switch, AGC mode and APC mode (input and output optical power is adjustable). 

  • Supporting optical monitoring port (MON). 


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